smartphoneNowadays the gadget market is flooded with many smart phones. Every year companies are launching multiple phone models for their users. When you have so many options to choose from, how are you going to select any one of them? Every smart phone has a unique feature of its own. Irrespective of the price, you are surely going to find something distinct in every phone. For buying the best smart phone in your budget, a whole lot of comparison is needed. Add different filters that you want in your smart phone and then see the results. Visit, as it allows you to compare your desired phone models in just one click.

You need not do anything for the comparison just select the phone model name in the drop down menu provided there. All the features and specs will be compared for your convenience. Nowadays people are going for smart watches as well. It is a wearable gadget in which you can perform all the necessary functions you perform in your smart phone. You can receive calls, end calls, use GPS, set a to do list and reminders, track your activity and many more. Though all of us are aware of the existence of smart watches, not all of us are essentially using it. Though there are many people who use it on a regular basis.

If you are planning to buy a smart watch for yourself, compare all the top five smart watches of 2015 and then buy any one. Also, make yourself a bit aware of the features present in smart watches. You must go through them on the internet. It will make it easier for you to buy a smart watch. Going unaware to the shop means you will make the wrong purchase and return unsatisfied. All the top multimedia gadget producing companies have their own smart watches in the market. Still, comparing them on the basis of their features is very important.

Some of the most important features you must look for are android compatibility, always on display, its build and cellular option. In the year 2015 the top 6 smart watches were Huawei watch, Apple watch, Samsung gear S2, Motorola Moto 360 2nd gen, Pebble time round and LG watch urbane. These smart watches are very beautiful in their appearance, but they are also very good in their features. Presently we live in an era where the smart phones are becoming lighter and sleeker. Once, the entire market was flooded with heavy and big sized smart phones. Today the market trend is different.

Asus ZenWatch 2 is one of the biggies available in the category of smart watches. Apple and Pebble produce the lightest smart watches. Build of the Pebbles art watch has made it extremely popular. Its features are also very impressive. Most smart watches come with a default leather belt. There is nothing to choose here as it is standard across all models. In colour you will get many options to choose from. Moto has the biggest display, i.e. 46 mm and the smallest is the Pebble.