You all know that the prices of Apple products are quite high. This has resulted in the arrival of several counterfeit products which looks similar to that of the Apple products. These fake products are available for a low cost. These fake products are easily accessible on the Internet through various online stores. People are convinced to buy a fake Apple Iphone as it is readily available for a lower cost. The website updates about the various counterfeit Apple products and accessories available in the market.
The article below talks about the ways to identify these fake products and the effects of using the low-quality products.

Beats Headphone
This is one of the popular counterfeited Apple accessories which are readily available in the market. People usually buy these fake products through Internet. Many online sites offer several fake Apple products mainly the beat earphone. The cost of the fake earphone is only $47.50. Apple sells its original beat earphone for $129 .95.It is possible to identify the fake products easily. Check for the listing details of the product if specified 85%- 95% refurbished then it is a counterfeit product. Apple does not manufacture refurbished products. You can also notice that these fake products do not come with a casing or proper packaging. You cannot find any Apple headphone without proper packaging.
You can also identify the real headphones by viewing their photos online. The Original Apple headphones look shiny with a metallic look. The fake products look dull and are usually made up of plastic.

USB And Laptop Chargers
USB and Laptop chargers are the most common counterfeit Apple products. It is challenging to identify these counterfeit products without knowing their price. You need to be aware that Apple does not offer any discounts to purchase Apple USB and laptop chargers. It is easy to identify fake products by watching the ads of the products. You can notice that certain certification details are missing in the photo displayed. In the counterfeit product, there is no plastic around the prongs. There are several fake chargers similar to that of the Apple products.

Lightning Cable
Identifying a fake lightning cable is tough. This cable resembles the Apple Lightning cable, and this product often cheats people. It is possible to identify the fake product only when Apple updates the lightning cable. Now the cable stops working as the Apple updated its iOs. The size of the fake lightning cable is a bit longer than that of the original Apple lightning cable.
There are sites which offer three lightning cables for the cost of one cable. This proves that the product is a counterfeit accessory. The fake cables will not work after few days of purchase.
It is possible for companies to use the original chips developed by Apple in their cables. These products may cost close to the price of the Apple product. You need to buy Apple products from a larger Apple store that offers only legitimate product. You can be sure of the quality of the product.

The above are the various accessories and products of Apple that are readily available in the market as counterfeit products. You can use the tips mentioned above to identify fake Apple products.