If you are a beginner thinking of hosting your own website, then shared hosting would be the best option for you. As the name implies, in a shared hosting you share the server with other websites. Shared hosting is the hosting service that is preferred by almost 90% of the people who hosts their websites as it works out cheaper than the other types of web hosting. For a website with minimal traffic, Hosting One Cent and other such shared hosting sites would be perfect as the RAM and CPU are shared. According to business2community.com, shared hosting should be considered by people who are not very tech-savvy as most of the details are taken care of by the experts working with the hosting service provider. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the one cent hosting plan if you are a novice at this game.

Free Website Builder
If you are yet to build your website, these one cent packages as well as all the other packages comes with a lot of tools to help you do just that. Thousands of templates are provided from which you can select the one that goes best with the nature of the website you wish to create. It has many useful drag and drop features in addition to letting you do some HTML as well. The site builder makes it easier for you if your site needs regular updating.

Customer Service
With many providers vying to catch the attention of the customers, it is really a good time for anyone to host a website. The providers make sure that their customers stick to them by providing top-notch service. Most providers have live technical support through which they solve your issues almost instantly. The one cent packages are mostly free for the first month and the service provider gives you the best experience so as to retain your loyalty. Due to the tough competition, the providers are always trying to upgrade their services and add novelty to their packages.

Flexibility Features
If you are opting for a One cent plan, then, well, it can’t get any cheaper. But still, there is an option to save money by paying for several months upfront. The variety of packages is also endless. The hatchling plans are meant for beginners and it comes with minimal disk space and bandwidth allotments. The number of additional features is also limited. As your website grows, you can migrate to better plans with better features but at a higher price.

Additional Features
Most of the plans will come with free website transfer and domain transfer. Several useful scripts like forums, blogs, chats, calendar, etc. can be added at the click of a button. Most packages ensure an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. The best offer would be the 45 days money back scheme where you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the service.

Opting for a basic service like shared hosting would be an excellent choice for the flexibility and features they shower upon you.