Apart from various modern materials, the traditional wood, leather and stone give satisfying results to many people. You can still notice some traditional accessories and furniture in homes such as teak dining table, oak mirror with stands that are used by people for generation after generation. Like the natural materials in these things, you also have the option to choose the natural substances in mobile cases and bags. Carved makes Wood iPhone Case that has Penrose triangle design in slim wooden design and the black polycarbonate material used in the case gives you soft touch.

The case contains openings for all the ports, speakers and camera. You can fully access the sleep/wake button. You don’t find any rough edges and the base of the case are made up of ebony material and it lies below the surface of the poly case. The case is available in a variety of wood materials like maple, cherry with different texture and color that gives very satisfying experience to the users that is a contrast to the smooth surface of the iPhone front side.

There are plenty of mobile cases available and you can either choose a strong wooden case or a slim case or a regular case. In recent days there are manufacturers who use organic materials like natural wood to make the wooden case. You have a lot of designs, colors and styles available to choose from. The wooden cases are simple and you need to put it on the back of your phone.

There are many varieties of wood cases available for the iPhone mobile. The wood models are not only meant for Apple’s products you can also buy this model for your Galaxy, Blackberry or any other brands. You can check in the shops for Pluto Slim case that is the exact fit for your iPhone. It is a beautiful case that is in black color and the design is similar to a lonely planet in the black space. The Pluto case is perfectly suitable for your iPhone 6 models where you the case is lightweight and not bulky. Some user feels that though it fits well, you find it difficult to access the silencer and power key because of the additional thickness of 6S Plus and you must aware that Carved is not responsible for it.

It is made of both high-quality wood and plastic material. You need a case to protect it from fall or bump accidently. It gave extra touch and thickness when holding your phone.

If you are searching for a fancy wood case then you can prefer Carved. Carved has an endless collection that makes your selection a difficult one. If you ordered the case in online you will receive a beautiful case that is packed in a beautiful paper box with a personal touch including few stickers and messages from the carved team. You iPhone becomes unique in Carved case which is also the best choice for gifting someone especially for women. Many men spend a lot of time on deciding the perfect gift for their girlfriend or wife. So if you are one among them you can present Carved case.